NJ Worker Benefits of Coronavirus (COVID-19)


To learn more about Benefits Available for Employees in the state of New Jersey due to affected by COVID -19. —What leave can I take from work if I get COVID-19? What about if I have to take care of someone with COVID-19?

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Para obtener más información sobre los beneficios para los trabajadores afectados por COVID-19 en el estado de Nueva Jersey.
—¿Qué licencia puedo tomar del trabajo si recibo COVID-19? ¿Qué pasa si tengo que cuidar a alguien con COVID-19?


Emergency Child Care Available

Child Care centers are open in all NJ counties for the children of “essential” employees who need to work outside the home during the ongoing coronavirus crisis and state subsidies are available to pay for it. To learn more please click on the link below.


If you were laid-off or Furlough

Recall Rights:

As stipulated in your union contract the company is obligated to recall laid-off employees by seniority. In some contracts recall rights last for a specific period of time. Check your collective bargaining agreement or contact your shop steward and/or union representatives for more details about recall rights in your union contract.

Unemployment in NJ

The weekly unemployment insurance benefits in New Jersey are equal to 60% of your salary up to a maximum of $713. Plus $600 since you lost your job due to COVID-19 which is referred to as pandemic unemployment compensation. You can apply to unemployment online at: https://myunemployment.nj.gov/.