Grievances/Complaint Forms

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To file a grievance/complaint form please fill out the form below:


Formulario de Queja:

If you are a member of Local 617 :


Contract Violation

If your employer has violated the contract a union member should:

  • Speak to the Shop Steward.
  • File a grievance or a Complaint. Local 617 members should file a Complaint.

Grievance and Complaint forms are below.

In the grievance or complaint form you should explain:

  • The Violation (s): In the grievance or complaint form please specify which contract article was violated.
  • Remedy: This tells the employer what the union is asking for.
    • Basically, we consider what the worker(s) would have if the violation had never occurred: wages, back pay, seniority rights, benefits, and so on
    • Many times we express this by simply stating “that the worker is made whole in every way.”
  • Deadlines: Please note that most contracts have deadlines associated with the grievance. It is important you file the grievance in a timely manner.

Once you file a grievance you should hear back from your union representative within 48 hours.

If you do not hear from your union representative within 48 hours feel free to call the office at 973-735-6464 and leave a message on your union representative extension or the general voicemail. You can also email Chanelle Cannon at

If you are a shop steward and want more information about your role as a steward, please visit SEIU Manual for Shop Stewards:

Below is the Grievance Form:

Grievance Forms:

Formulario de Queja:

Local 617 Complaint Form: