A Statement from Alberto Arroyo and Megan Chambers, Co- Managers of Laundry, Distribution and Food Service Union Joint Board, Workers United, SEIU

There is no place in our society for the violence inflicted upon Black people. In our country, there is a long history of police brutality against Black People and a lack of accountability for violence against Black people that goes back to slavery. The murders of George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery among many others are inexcusable.  Police Brutality is just one of the many damaging tactics used to maintain a racist system where Black people and People of Color are kept at the bottom of our society. As a union we are committed to changing this paradigm that harms our members and our communities.

We commend our members that are continually fighting to ensure their communities, workplaces and legislators are accountable and committed to dismantling these systems.

We stand with our brothers and sisters of SEIU and the Black Lives Matter movement to win real reform and put an end to policy brutality.

Enough is Enough. It is time for Police Reform.  “We will not be silent, we will continue to use collective voices to speak out against the consistent violence inflicted upon Black people and other communities of color.” Mary K Henry, SEIU President

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